Introducing Cardiovascular Screening

The Premier Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment & Personalized Treatment Program

Cardiovascular Screening Licensee Program

Establishes your Practice as the premier solution for cardiovascular disease prevention and management.

Life saving medicine.  Substantial profitability.

Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Premier Cardiovascular Disease Management Program
  • Improved Risk Assessment    Better Outcomes
  • Personalized Therapy Guide for Health Care Providers

Improve Practice Economics

  • Revenue of $200 per patient
  • Incremental Profit > 50%

Easy to Implement

  • Tests performed within your lab

Development Team

Paul Ziajka, MD, PhD

  • Medical Director, Florida Lipid Institute
  • Former Medical Director Atherotech
  • Authored 5 Books on Lipid Management
  • Editorial Board Journal of Clinical Lipidiology

Michael McNulty, PhD

  • Former VP Operations Berkeley Heart

Rick Lanman, MD

  • Former Medical Director Atherotech & DiaDexus

Consider these facts.......

  • Heart disease kills more people than all cancers combined
  • 1/2 of all heart attacks occur in patients with low to moderate cholesterol level
  • Heart disease has killed more women than men every year since 1984
  • 1/3 of all strokes occur in people between 45-65 years old
  • Stroke is the leading cause of disability among adults in the U.S.
  • 90% of stroke victims never completely recover.
  • Cholesterol is not a reliable predictor of stroke risk

The standard lipid panel is just the "tip of the iceberg”

  • Misses 50 – 60% of patients at risk
  • 3 of the most common disorders contributing to CAD not identified
  • No assessment for stroke risk
  • Crude treatment options
  • Advanced risk characterization and personalized treatment plans Better outcomes

The "Tip of the Iceberg"

51 year old male; Rx hypothyrodism, metabolic syndrome

Would you treat this patient?

Hidden Risk Revealed

51 year old male; Rx hypothyrodism, metabolic syndrome

Would these results change how you treat this patient?

Better Medicine, Better Economics

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