Physician Dispensing

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In 2007, a study done by the Opinion Research Corporation found that 3 out of every 4 Americans prefer to have prescriptions filled at their doctor's office, otherwise known as “Point of Care”.

Ralston Health Group is the expert on “Point of Care” dispensing. We will conduct a no-cost feasibility study of your practice and determine the profitability and practicality of dispensing. Ralston Health Group will then work with the vendor that fits your practice and patient needs.

Please contact us today to see if “Point of Care” dispensing is a viable option to increase revenue for your practice and increase patient satisfaction.  Our goal is to build stronger practices and happier, healthier patients.

  • "Point of Care" dispensing is not labor intensive and is profitable.
  • Industry studies have shown 25% of the nations physicians will be dispensing at "Point of Care" by 2015.
  • We evaluate and implement the appropriate "Point of Care" program for your practice.
  • 75% of patients prefer to receive their prescriptions at "Point of Care".
  • "Point of Care" dispensing is legal in 43 states. Like pharmaceutical samples, medications are repackaged for your practice.
  • Physicians generate, on average, over $200,000 of revenue for pharmacies.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Physician dispensing is a service that focuses on the distribution of prescription medication for your patients at the “Point of Care”. This program is currently being utilized by 10% of physicians across the country. The healthcare industry anticipates that 25% of physicians will be dispensing by 2015 as doctors explore ancillary services to enhance the patient experience and improve the practice's bottom line. Ralston Health Group helps physicians in selecting and implementing “Point of Care” dispensing systems within their practice.

Benefits for Physicians

  • Patient Compliance - Reduces the no-fill rate and decreases long term health care cost.
  • Increased Revenue - The right program will add significant physician revenues.
  • Ease of Use - No on-site pharmacist is required. A current employee can manage the system.
  • Cost Savings - Pharmacy callbacks cost a physician $5-$7 per call. These costs can reach $30,000 annually.
  • Easy to Manage - A dispensing program, in order to be successful, must be easy to manage.

Benefits for Patients

  • Increased Compliance - leading to improved overall health.
  • Convenience - Surveys suggest 75% of patients would prefer to receive Rx at “Point of Care” rather than at a pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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