Turnkey Lab

A successful office-based laboratory takes skill, coordination, and most importantly, precision.

Introducing SMARTLab

A seamless, integrated and customized solution for office-based laboratory testing.
With SMARTLab℠, physicians have a proven partner to help guide them through the process of operating a profitable and patient-centered ancillary service — an office-based laboratory. Most importantly, SMARTLab℠ is a dedicated, on-site commitment to ensure your lab is always functioning with optimum precision, while still giving you complete control.

What exactly is SMARTLab?

SMARTLab℠ is a lab in your office, managed and operated at your direction.  It’s more than advanced equipment and supplies.  SMARTLab℠ includes the services you need to implement and run a successful lab.

We Will:

  • Design a lab specific to your testing needs
  • Employ, recruit and provide ongoing training of the laboratory technologist
  • Provide all consumables and reagents
  • Install and provide ongoing maintenance of your equipment
  • Train your office staff in test ordering, coding, and billing
  • Monitor compliance

SMARTLab Benefits

  • Expands patient care services
  • Enhances patient care management and satisfaction
  • Generates new revenue per patient
  • Improves time management efficiencies
  • Offers access to high-quality laboratory equipment
  • Delivers complete, on-site staffing solutions
  • Avoids costly treatment delays
  • Provides compliance programs with standardized protocols and procedures
  • No hidden costs


All operational costs are billed as one simple fee-per-test.

  • Testing personnel
  • Supplies
  • Equipment service
  • Coding & reimbursement education
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Ongoing operational effectiveness guidance

It’s more than a matter of feasibility. It’s a matter of trust.

While there may be others who can provide the necessary equipment for an office-based lab, success comes down to working with a partner you can trust to be there with you every step of the way.

The SMARTLab℠ Promise:

  • We bring over 30 years of experience working with physicians labs across the country.
  • We work side by side with you in the lab, day in and day out, to ensure it is functioning at 100% capability.
  • We utilize a systematic approach thatincludes space and construction planning, equipment purchasing, staff development and ongoing laboratory and compliance management.
  • We develop, implement and maintain customized solutions that are tailor-made to address the needs of your practice.
  • We are more than a vendor—we’re your partner in success.

With SMARTLab everything comes together like clockwork.

We’re committed to partnering with physician groups for long-term success. We understand the financial commitments it takes to expand ancillary services. That’s why our systematic approach is carefully designed to ensure a streamlined process from development to implementation to new practice revenue — all within eight weeks’ time.

Our proven path to success includes:

Customized Analysis & Feasibility

  • The first step is to determine whether SMARTLab℠ makes sense for your practice.
  • We work with you to analyze your current test volume, patient base, payer mix/contracts and space availability.
  • Using your feasibility data, we recommend an equipment plan based on the testing needs of your practice.
  • Once qualified, we then develop an operational plan for your SMARTLab℠

Equipment and Lab Design

  • Our experts recommend location, space needs and lab designs based on your specifications.
  • Your equipment recommendations are developed by our dedicated technology specialist.
  • Our team ensures a smooth start-up phase of equipment testing, calibration and implementation.

Setup, Implementation and Operation

  • With your input, we recruit, train and employ the laboratory technologists.
  • We coordinate the entire licensing and inspection process for streamlined compliance.
  • We provide on-site training on current billing and compliance issues.
  • Our simple billing structure allows fees to be paid on a per-test basis in proportion to the revenue your lab generates. There are no other operational costs from SMARTLab℠.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

  • Our team constantly refines your SMARTLab℠ operation to the needs of your practice.
  • We’re always there with ongoing billing support.
  • We maintain all equipment and costs are included in the fee-per-test billing.
  • We will provide temporary technologist staffing solutions to keep your lab open and available.

Determining if SMARTLab is right for you.

While we carefully conduct a thorough analysis of your practice needs to determine if SMARTLab℠ is a good fit, there are several standard questions you may want to ask yourself and your associates to see if it’s time to take the first step.
  • Does your practice send out more than 20 panels per day?
  • Would your patients appreciate an in-office laboratory?
  • Would having your own lab make you more competitive?
  • Does your practice want to increase per-patient revenue?
  • Are you interested to know how much revenue you’re sending out with your samples?

It could be time to put SMARTLab in your practice.

Contact us and let us help you better determine if your practice and your patients could benefit from a SMARTLab℠ program. We can walk you through the process and answer your initial questions. Call 843.906.2028 to speak with one of our SMARTLab℠ consultants today.  And let us help transform your office-based laboratory into a precise work of art.

In the world of physician office management, precision is the key to success.

With the numerous steps required to offer seamless patient care, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently can be a challenge. And considering all that is at stake, there is no margin for error.  It’s no secret that providing office-based laboratory testing is a proven way to streamline the patient experience and supplement your practice with increased profitability. But the difficulties in running your own office-based lab can mount quickly, leaving your practice vulnerable to risk.  Unless you have the right partner.

SMARTLab is the easiest, most cost-effective way  to switch from outsourcing your laboratory testing to handling your patients’ needs within your own practice.

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